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Originally Posted by andyfergy View Post
Hi All,
Just signed up here to get some advice on tarantulas,
Im looking into getting one, nothing definate yet just doing research
at the moment. I've never had a tarantula before, but I have kept (and occasionally bred) in the past various stick insects, praying mantis etc.

so I've got some experiance with inverts, Im looking at either a curly hair or a mexican red knee. The reason Im asking is a tarantula right for me is
because if I brought one I would like to handle it, after reading various websites/books/forums etc there seems to be a divided opinion on this.
I know its not the sort of animal you get out everyday and play with and you have to be careful because they can bite, urticating hairs,
and they are deilcate creatures. but every so often I would like to get it out and hold it, just for the same reason as many of you on here im fascinated with them. im gonna pop down to the south east arachnid show in ashford to have look see.

So was just wanting some opinions/advice/critatisms on the subject, do you guys and girls handle your more friendlier T's or is it best to admire them from behind the glass?in which case Should i rethink getting a T.

All opinions welcome, and my apologies for rambling.


Not only do we share the same name, but I also, would like to get into tarantulas.

I'm a snake guy, always have been for the past 9 years. But I love T's and really am considering getting some B. smithi in the new year.

I'd really recommend the Tarantula Keepers Guide I'm reading it at the moment and it is very helpful. I've also been looking in the invert section for extra info.

Best of luck, looking forward to other peoples replies.

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