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Hiya mate, yeah like you say there is a very divided opinion on handling your spiders, and me as a keeper that occasionally handles theirs, I would recommend a curly hair over a red knee as in my experience they tend to be more docile, I wouldn't encourage you to handle it but if you do, just be very careful, as a bite will not be very serious but you don't wanna drop the wee fella, start with a fairly small one (but not too small that it's fragile/frightened/fast) and if you do handle don't have it out for ages and don't do it all the time as it will stress it, I've kept (and handled) for over twelve years and never been bitten, so if you're careful you shouldn't be either, just try and be gentle and calm as possible and keep it away from kids, also i always sit on the floor if i get one out then a potential(not had one yet either) droppage is less severe/dangerous to spiddly diddly
good luck
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