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Don't get too concerned about the conflicting advice. The reason is that there's more than one way of setting things up. These are the important requirements:

1 dragon per viv
Floor area at least 4 x 2 ft
Basking temperature around 40C (maybe even a bit more)
Warm end approx 35C
Cool end approx 28C (don't get too uptight about temps - they vary quite a lot in the wild!)
Use an appropriate thermostat for the heat source
Measure the temperatures using a calibrated thermometer (don't rely on the setting on the thermostat - they're rubbish)
Strongest UV you can get 12% arcadia is good - and use a reflector
Night time temp drop can go down to 15C or so, but don't let it drop too low.

You can use a ceramic as the only heat source if you want. Beardies have a parietal eye in the top of their head and are able to locate an IR heat source. The advantage of a ceramic is that you can also use it to maintain a minimum night time temp, but you will need a day/night thermostat for this.

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