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Originally Posted by krstfoster View Post
I'd say for a 12 year old if your happy with having a larger snake then a royal would be better as they are easy to handle, placid, not as easy to get lost and aren't too expensive. A normal can be anything from from 20-50.

young corns and kids can be a disaster as corns can be very fast when their young and although they are mostly easy to tame, can be quite nippy at first.

Hope this helps, I'm only speaking from experience as my corn was so quick when I first got him and for a first time keeper it can be quite daunting, especially because if you lose them when so small they can be impossible to find
I would have to disagree with you there. I do not think it is a disaster if the child knows that these snakes can behave like that occasionally and that they should be careful not to let them escape.

If you have suitable housing, knowledge and common sense (and this goes for all ages) then I don't see where the problems would arise. So long as they are reminded to properly handle the animal and to secure its cage.

Sure, problems COULD arise, but they are unlikely and I think it is rather unnecessary to brand them a disaster without due cause.

Just my two cents.
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