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Originally Posted by merritt View Post
I love my corns to bits, I keep both corns and Royals and I find my adult corns are far more active in the viv and are as docile as my royals when out, the where little when they where hatchlings but with time and patients they calmed down and my little nephew has fallen in love with my citrine. When hatchlings I used Triple 8 Reptiles - 888 Reptiles Hatchling Snake Complete Setup Large Faunarium it is slightly more on face value than other "starter kits" BUT it comes with a stat which can be transferred to the viv when you upgrade.
Have to dissagree with the set-up for corns it's much cheaper getting it all seperate i'd say and at least then you can buy digi thermometers for just under 2 on ebay it's still a good set-up though but just those thermometers in them starter kits are rubbish.

My corns when babies were perfect no hissing no biting they did occasionally tail rattle but what corn doesn't .
Enjoy your colubrids?
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