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Originally Posted by scotty667 View Post
Have to dissagree with the set-up for corns it's much cheaper getting it all seperate i'd say and at least then you can buy digi thermometers for just under 2 on ebay it's still a good set-up though but just those thermometers in them starter kits are rubbish.

My corns when babies were perfect no hissing no biting they did occasionally tail rattle but what corn doesn't .
I bought a batch of corns from a friend not to long ago, each setup only cost me about 30 each, granted I already had some tubs for them.

Heat mats, thermometer hide huts and everything else I got for under 30 quid.

You can make your own hides and water bowls.

Heat mats and thermometers. are cheap.

Substrate is amazingly cheap if like me, you have quite a few snakes and buy in bulk.

These corns don't even rattle their tails. When I hatch my own, they seem to strike for the first week or so, but reduce to tail rattling and them go tame. These ones seemed to surpass the above two behaviors and are as good as gold.

Oh and krstfoster, my point is they can only really be labeled a disaster if you allow it to become one. If a kid is not responsible, then mistakes will happen, but the majority of kids learn responsibility.

I got my first snake when I was 7. Did I let go of it? No. Did I forget to secure the cage? No. Thats because I done my research, learnt what behaviours it can display and spent a good deal of my pocket money to make sure its cage was 100% secure.

I will agree with one point, it does come down to the child. But also to the adult if they neglect to supervise the child and make sure they are taking proper care of the animal.

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