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Originally Posted by RocketQueen View Post
Ok, so, the fact I have a UVA light in there, does nothing?? I need UVB? Is that right?

soo the light on the stat remains on, except when I turn it to 24 or 22 or whatever it is that day. So I am assuming that it does that to say it is at the right temp (i.e. when the desired temp is reached the light turns off) I try to whack it up, but the light constantly stays on, which to me, says it's not reaching the right temp? What do you think? It is a dail that I am turning to measure it, and I have the sensor on the floor of the vivarium, I have it right next to the side of the slate pieces I have in there.

Another point, since I have had her, she has already shed (within a few days of getting her into the vivarium) I don't think she used the moss box for it, I even need one?

Also how often do they shed?

Sorry for all the questions but am really appreciateing your help. x

PLANTYBLK - I have just looked at the red runners! Yes their much smaller. But no! thier still roaches, I simply cannot do it. lol, thanks so much anyways tho x
Just so you know the temperatures on the thermostat are a guide only, so although you may be setting it to 24*C on that dial, the actual heat being given off could be anything. You need to get yourself a digital thermometer, can get them at your local petshop or on ebay, this will give you a much more accurate reading when you put the probe on the warm area. Don't bother with the round dial ones, they're cheap because they don't work. I assume you're using a mat stat, so the light will be on while it's heating, it will switch off (and the mat off) when it reaches the desired temperature, then back on again when the temperature goes too low.
For now put your hand on the warm area, if it feels quite warm or hot, it's probably easily reaching the temperature the gecko needs, if not a bit too much.
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