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Default Thinking of setting up an enclosure for lizards ,recommendations please.

I have just joined here as title suggests I'm toying with the idea of a lizard setup and would like some advice on suitable occupants.

First up a bit about me.
I'm an experienced aquarist but have recently lost interest in the hobby. I mainly kept Central and South American cichlids. I've had numerous setups over the years, my last I constructed my self out of steel with one viewing pane (pics and more info to follow) .
I have also built a pond in the back garden with a custom filtration system. It contains Koi and goldfish along with wild Rudd and Gudgeon.
I did once keep a couple of bearded dragons when their owner lost interest in them. So am competent with that level of requirement . My brother also had a Yemeni Chameleon and I cared for him from time to time.

Anyway enough rambling let's cut to the chase .

What I'm thinking of is turning my DIY 200+ gal corner tank into a lizard enclosure.
I was thinking of still keeping a watery theme to it and have envisioned as scene with rockwork and branches over hanging a water filled base possibly containing some small fish?
The tank has gas tap controlled outlets at the bottom and inlets at the top of the side walls. This way draining the tank for water changes ,cleaning etc is hassle free.
The filters on the tank are large and very powerful so I will need to adjust the flow rate as I'm thinking the return should be via a waterfall down the rockwork from one of the inlets.
Can you see what I'm thinking?

Now here's where you come in..
What type of lizards if any could you see living in such an enclosure?
The tank is outside in an insulated shed which is built onto the side of the house so while ambient temps are lower than average room temps it's never really cold although winter time heating 200 odd gallons of water for tropical Cichlids did send the meter spinning at times....

Measurements of the tank are approx 6foot wide 4foot front to back and just over 3foot tall .

What do you reckon then? Any more info just ask.

Thanks in advance
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