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Originally Posted by samps79 View Post
Bonnie photo by samps79 | Photobucket

Hi, hopefully the above link works to the photo. My daughters ball python has a sore on its head that will not heal. I am putting cream on it to stop infection. It started as a small skin blemish and every time she sheds the sore gets a little bit bigger. This is the third shed since we have had her. She is about six months old. It is not deep and appears only superficial but want to get this sorted. She does not have mites and the viv is cleaned out weekly. Humidity is fine as are temps. She eats and poos fine and her sheds are complete. Heat sources are covered with secure guards. She is a great snake with a lovely temperament.

Thanks, Scott
I can't actually see a sore?
I keep my reptiles in vivaria, heated with ceramics. If you need set-up help, and can't find the answer here;
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PM me and i'll help if I can
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