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Originally Posted by 72Fastback View Post
Yes that would be nice but the steel frame along with the water proof paints was neither a quick or cheap build.. Although this second one wouldn't need to be anywhere near as strong as the first I was hoping for a quick switch over to reps.
I will look into building another frame though as I like your thinking . A floor to ceiling enclosure would be sweet!

But for now maybe water dragons, basilisks etc are not the way to go... Maybe loosing the water and different a inhabitant .
Loosing the water would open it up to a whole different variety of suitable reps however a simple wooden frame with glass sliding doors would not be expensive, would look awesome and with a bottom suitable for that sheer volume of water then you want to use it properly. A water dragon, sailfin or basilisk would look the nuts in this. As you said you can have a few small fish at the bottom and they love swimming so would enjoy every minute of it.

In my eyes a waterless setup would be a waste of what you've got! Build the frame, go on, I dare you!
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