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Originally Posted by jools View Post
Tom is right in what he has said. I certainly wouldn't recommend day geckos in there as another person has suggested.

If you didn't want to extend upwards had you thought about turtles? They would look amazing.
Turtles have crossed my mind before as in a possible addition to a cichlid setup but essentially being just a couple of platforms in a fish tank. Can you give me an example species and setup layout.

Originally Posted by tomcannon View Post
I'm not 100% on all of their habitats so its best if you decided on what rep you wanted and then search for its needs but in basic you would need heat and uv. Both would be roof mounted. A UV strip along the top and a standard basking lamp set on a dimming thermostat. As I said though I'm not 100% on these habitats so there may be something I've missed.
Tom I'm really liking the idea of green/plumed basilisks as hail from Central America I could even have relatively biotypically correct setup with the inclusion of a few small cichlids .....
one thing I'm not sure of is the space these lizards need don't they get to around 2.5'? And are quite lively. for housing something of this size I'd expect to see an enclosure 8' cubed ...maybe I've read erroneous info. Please let me know some more of your thoughts ta.

Originally Posted by my_shed View Post
Have you thought about doing a large planted viv with anoles or perhaps amphibs? That tank looks like it would lend itself to something of this type with a lid and some slight modification.

HI I've never got on with plants in my aquariums before but maybe non aquatic plants would be easier? Would I require any extra lightning other than whats required for the lizards? Reasons being setup and running costs .

I do like anoles though and they've cropped up in my researching a couple of times. Tell me more if you can. Or point me in the direction of some decent care sheets or profiles ta.

Agamas have caught my eye too what sort of setup would suit any of these guys?

Thanks for all your help so far.
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