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I have two females, they're great little pets and very easy to care for. Mine have a main diet of earthworms, but I also treat them to frozen bloodworm, daphnia and the occasional "amphib" cube which they love. I don't bother with artifical pellets and prefer to stick to a more natural diet. I tend to feed mine every other day although it can vary.

Did you cycle your tank before adding your axolotls? I cycled mine for roughly 6 weeks before it was ready. Remember that water testing is vital. One little ammonia spike could wipe them out as they're very sensitive creatures. I do water changes/syphon their sand weekly (obviously gravel is dangerous for them as they can swallow it and choke), I also regularly test for ammonia/nitrate/nitrites.

Mine are fairly active and will interact with you if you approach them, they like to "follow" the dog around the room as well. I've been told they slow down and get lazier with age but time will tell! Also ensure you keep their temperatures low, mine are normally around 17/18c, Anything over 24 can cause them harm, illness and fungal infections can also occur.

What size tank do you have for them?

Good luck with your new additions!
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