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Originally Posted by 72Fastback View Post

Tom I'm really liking the idea of green/plumed basilisks as hail from Central America I could even have relatively biotypically correct setup with the inclusion of a few small cichlids .....
one thing I'm not sure of is the space these lizards need don't they get to around 2.5'? And are quite lively. for housing something of this size I'd expect to see an enclosure 8' cubed ...maybe I've read erroneous info. Please let me know some more of your thoughts ta.

Thanks for all your help so far.
If I'm being quite honest with you I don't actually know. When I suggested those species I was thinking more of a single lizard as apposed to a pair or group and I have very little knowledge of both basilisks and sailfins although I would have thought a 6ft high by 6ft wide enclosure would be ok for a single adult water dragon or similar sized lizard. Best take a look at their specific care sheets and hopefully someone with greater knowledge will be able to help on the subject.
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