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Question Black mites around bearded dragons eyes :(

Hi I recently bought my first bearded dragon 3 days ago, he's a one year old red male, he settled in really well, eating all his food and defecating regularly. The day after we got him home we noticed he had bits in his eyes, it looked like dead skin for a previous shed around the crest of his eye or sand or something? We know he had recently been sold to somebody else but had been put in with another male, mine ended up biting the other ones toes off oops.

On his second day I gave him a bath in the evening to try and unlodge the dead skin plus I've read they enjoy their baths, he swam around and seemed to flick water in his eyes with his feet so all seemed well. I've since given him 3 baths in total to try and get it out of his eyes but tonight I saw black things moving around, I managed to get a couple of then out and they look like black mites? They are only around his eyes on the top. They look quite big now so not sure if he has had them since we got him but we didn't see them because the were small or if he has caught them in our care? I really don't know what to do, he keeps closing one eye every now and then and then closing the other any advice would be much appreciated thankyou.
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