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Originally Posted by 72Fastback View Post
HI I've never got on with plants in my aquariums before but maybe non aquatic plants would be easier? Would I require any extra lightning other than whats required for the lizards? Reasons being setup and running costs .

I do like anoles though and they've cropped up in my researching a couple of times. Tell me more if you can. Or point me in the direction of some decent care sheets or profiles ta.

For the anoles, search here Lizard Care Sheets - Reptile Forums

For the plants, you need a daylight bulb/tube, this is a bulb that gives out light in the same range as sunlight, which allows the plants to photosynthesise, etc. A 2% exo terra tube, or an arcadia tropical pro is fine. I run a few planted vivs, zero cleaning, easy maintenance of humidity, far more attractive, the benefits are endless! Cannot recommend it enough.

Darts would be great in here, as said above, and thats the way I was leaning earlier when I suggested amphibs, I think you've got a perfect display viv for them, and it'd be very easy to make suitable for them.


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