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I have used a tank that has been used for 'regular' cold water fish, they have large stones in the bottom of the tank as i had heard about them swallowing gravel, so nothing smaller than there heads, Im pretty certain one is a boy as it is about 6inches now and it seems to becoming obvious! The tank i am not sure on the litre of but it is 2ft x 1ft by another 1ft high, i know at some point soon i am going to need a bigger tank though! The water is below 19 as the pet shop only had tropical thermometers, they said i wouldn't need one for the Axalotal as being in the UK it is cold enough! I have bought the testing kit and everything seems to be going ok! Thanks for your help, and you will have to excuse my grammar as Im on my phone, going to go on the pc tomorrow and try and add some pics
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