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Question First Snake: Garter, Corn or Python?

Hi all, I've been looking at getting my first snake again recently (wanted one since I was a kid) but I'm not sure what type to get, so was wondering if anyone here had any advice on which would be the best option.

Originally I was considering a corn snake, since they seem to be the standard first snake and are supposed to be relatively easy to keep, but then I heard that garter snakes didn't need to be fed on mice and could do better in colder conditions (obviously I'd be heating the vivarium, but I'm in Scotland and my flat does get pretty cold in winter). The last option is largely because I started watching Snake Bytes and Brian seemed to suggest ball pythons were a good starter too and they do have some really amazing patterns even without mutations.

Does anyone with more experience have advice on which of these I should get, or is there any general advice people have for a first time owner? Also, something I haven't seen mentioned is whether it's better to go with a baby snake vs adolescent/adult. How does raising the snake so it's more used to you measure up against knowing it's fed well in the past and (I'd assume) the easier job of working out how much to feed them

Thanks in advance for any help you can give

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