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Originally Posted by Baldpoodle View Post
Weird thing is I've never heard of Callingtons being used for lizards so wasn't sure if they experienced similar problems as hoggies do?

Originally Posted by jamesb1011 View Post
sorry to jump in on your topic but i think i might have a similar problem.. basically my beardie will only sit there with one eye open, even when i get her attention, she can open it and keep it open but its as though it flinches so she closes it again..

i have had a close look at her eye with a magnyfying glass and cant seem to see anything.. i have bathed her eyes with cotton bud for first time tonight..

what was your beardies symptoms?
Usually you can see mites, they are particularly found around the eyes, armpits and folds (such as the beard). Have a look in these areas and see if you can find any mites. If you can't see any then I doubt this is the problem.
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