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Could you post a picture of your snake please? Also, how much does he/she weigh?

A corn snale of 6 months old should be able to take fluffs/fuzzies, I would suggest feeding 2 pinkies per (just feed one pinkie and then the other once the snake has finished eating the first, there's no need to wait in between) feed every 7 days for the next few weeks or until your supply of pinkies run out, when you need to buy more then have a look at the sizes of the fluffs and buy a few, then look at the size of your snake compared to the size of fluff, you really would be amazed at what they can manage to eat, when mine first went onto fluffs I thought there is no way she'll manage that BUT she did and with no problem either.

Post a pic so folk can see he/she.
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