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Default New to keeping snakes am i going wrong any where and help or advice is great!

HI Guys

Any help and advice on this subject would be greatful!

I'm new to keeping snakes and just recently bought a Komodo corn snake starter set up and what seems to be a 3 month old snow corn according to the paper work that came with the snow corn.

I have the heat mat 5w on a stat at 30*c 84f as before i bought the corn snake the set up wasn't getting warm enough before i turned the temp up to what it is now as the viv is a glass one with a wire grate as a lid just like the Exo Terra glass viv's. Anys ways i put two hides in the viv along with lots of other hiding place like moss and fake plants plus a water dish.

I set my viv up and made sure every thing was fine before getting my corn. The shop where i got the snow corn from gave me some paper work with feeding records on and it was feed a pinky the day before i bought the snake and it's due for another feed this coming week.

i put the snow corn in a day ago and haven't seen it since as it just went for cover and went in the moss with the coconut hide. i've just left it alone since putting it in the viv like i say this is my first snake but i have had lizards and spiders in the past.

Am i doing every thing right so far as i'm a little worried i'm doing something wrong!
any advice would be great.....
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