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Nothing to worry about at all!!

Young snakes can be particularly flighty and nervous little things and when you think about it then it makes sense, they are tiny little things and everything else in the world is huge to them and they're scared everything is going to attack and eat them - with most young animals it is either a fight or flight response, they'll either scoot off real quick to hide or stand their ground and defend themselves.

As you've only just got your baby snake he/she will need time to settle into their new home, it will need to get used to all the new sights, sounds, smells etc, I would leave handling for a week to allow it to settle in and then start handling.

I got my snakes all as young babies and 2 of mine were really quite flighty - my corn and my MBK, they were not aggressive when handled they just wanted away from me as quickly as possible, personally with mine I found that with keeping the handling to little and often for say 5 to 10 minutes each evening really helped, avoid handling just after a feed though, also another thing that helped was putting into their enclosure something with my scent on it, I kept a cotton handky underneath my clothing for a few days and then put it under their warm hides which they used, this lets them become accustomed to your scent and they will come to realise that your not a threat/danger to them and you wont eat them.

Sorry for the long response.

Enjoy your new snake
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