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Default Are picture backgrounds safe in wooden viv's

Hi, i currently have my baby leo in a exo terra terranium 45 x 45 but he's out-growing it fast so im just about to move him into a bigger wooden viv. I like the fake desert scene picture backgrounds and have used them in my other glass viv's. With the glass viv you can place them on the outside but with a wooden viv you obviously have to place them inside the viv. My question is, are they safe or are they are fire hazard. I lit a spare cutting of the picture with my lighter and it went into flames pretty quickly dropping lumps of burning plastic. I know there are no naked flames in a viv but i do have a couple of 15w lamps about 4 inches from the back wall. Does anyone think there is a risk of fire with these things and if so are there better alternatives to a bare wall
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