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Hi ther and congrats on the new Leo!

It is hard to tell from the pics but it could be stuck shed. In the first pic it also possibly looks like it could be a bite mark - was he kept with other Leos? To take a better pic of his underside you could pop him in a clear plastic tub and take the pic from underneath. But don't stress him too much ATM. If it is stuck shed it needs to come off. But the site where it is it won't be doing a lot of harm. You could try giving him a sauna or using a cotton bud as suggested by Vgorst.

Yes, he is a lovely young normal / wild type.

The only other thing I would say is this, and I am not wanting to worry you, but his tail looks a little thin in comparison to his tummy. It may be nothing - just the shape he naturally is - juveniles often have a slender tail. But if you feel he is slow to grow, if he (after a week or two of settling in) is not keen on food, or if he keeps his fat tummy compared to his tail then IMO it would be a good idea to have him checked for parasites. You can get this done by post here Veterinary Laboratory, Tests For Companion & Exotic Animals

Keep us updated on his progress

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