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All sounds good. You'll definitely need to upgrade to allow them adequate space, as you probably already know axoltols average at about 9" but can reach sizes of up to 12"!

19c sounds fine. You wont have too much difficulty keeping it down in our colder bitter months, but you may find it harder in the summer. Even though mine isn't in direct sunlight, etc, it still started to reach worrying temperatures and I found by filling up some large bottles of tank water (don't use tap, just incase it leaks!), freezing them and placing them in the tank, it kept the waters at an ideal temperature for them.

The best way to sex an axolotl is by sneaking a peek at their "bulge" if they're a male, you'll definitely notice it. Here's an example I've pinched from the caudata website to show you:

I had a male and female back when I first brought them, but unfortunately the male died the following day (water parameters were perfect, temps ok, etc so no clue why!), a couple of weeks later I bought another female and they're both great together.
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