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Ok just a quick opinion and comment. Your snake looks fine for her age some snakes tend to grow alot slower than others it all depends on whether you want to force them on growthwise or not. I used to feed my hatchling a large pinkie at that age once every 7 -9 days and although she was slow to gain real length for a while she made a full 5" 1/2 foot at adulthood and lived to be 15 years of age I currently have four corns aged between 6 months and 3 years and the 3 year old is only 15 inches but this is due to her being stunted as she is a surviving twin her twin sister unfortunately didnt make it at all. the other are all between her length and probably 3 foot. As long as your snake has good weight and is shedding etc fine and she is not lookin for more food I would let her grow at her own weight and not worry she isnt going to make fullsize as she will in her own time and enjoy watching her grow and her colours develop.
AilsaM i can honestly say Dakota is a stunning snake infact all of yours are and i do love her morph I also thought your litle hoggie was especially sweet but i do have a soft spot for hoggies too
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