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Originally Posted by Westie View Post
Alright. Was just wanting to make sure, being she's my first snake. Been reading up a lot and just wanted to be sure I'm doing things right.
I can understand that completely and it is always a worry when you are new owner that you may not be doing what is best for the said pet. I have been keeping corns for over 20 years and i was just as worried when i first came into the hobby I am not what most people think of as a mormal keeper as i dont believe in some of the usual ways of keeping ~ie the strict 7 day feeding of x amount of pinkies of this size at this time of day and prefer to follow a more natural form of feeding where as long as a hatchling does not go anymore than two weeks without food and the food is no more than 1.5xs the girth of the snake I am happy to let them go a few days under or over like they would in the wild leaving them to grow at a natural rate rather than forcing them to grow at a specific rate. I know some keeper do not agree with my methods but i would rather have a healthy snake that will live to a ripe old age than a snake that makes it maximum length sooner and has years taken off its life but then I always was an old fashioned girl
This is just my own opinion and not the opinion of all keepers
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