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Talking Am I picking the rght lizard for my vivarium

Hi everyone although this is my first post here I've been on and off these forums for ages for advice, just never created an account :p

I'm not new to owning reptiles (me and my dad kept bearded dragons for a large number of years when I was growing up but this will be my first lizard to care for purely on my own).

I've been given a glass vivarium (can't remember whether it's exo terra or zoomed) but its 30x30x45cm. It came from a friend who bought it thinking she would get a reptile but never did, so its come to me.

So, I'd like to keep some sort of lizard in it (definitely lizard or frog anyway, no inverts please). I would love a crested gecko but I know it would only be suitable for it whilst it is a juvenile - I have an 80L fish tank with the lid converted for lights that it could be moved to when it grows - would this be suitable and if so, how quickly would I have to move it?

If that is a no go, would Phelsuma Laticauda be happy for its whole life in the 30x30x45? (are any other Phelsuma species suitable?), exo terra says so on its website but I've read conflicting advice on care sheets?

And finally, would P.laticauda be able to eat something like Repashy or is it purely a fresh fruit/veg and insects kinda lizard? And do they enjoy being handled? I am used to having beardies sat on my shoulder/lap/sofa watching tv with me a couple of times a day so I'd like something I can handle

Oh and if I'm on completely the wrong wavelength and these aren't good choices, what's your suggestion of a suitable lizard?

Thanks so much for reading (and for your help!)
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