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A crestie would be the ultimate rep to go in that exo but yeah as you said you might need a bigger one when its older.

I breed cresties and my alduts are in a 45x45x60 but when they were growing up i housed them in a 30x30x45 exo or similiar sized RUB lol

if your feeling adventurus you could convert it slightly to keep dendrobates in there or salamander. whatever to your liking really lol

Phelsuma grandis i wouldnt recommend in that size terra it really needs to be a lot taller imo - and they are more of a display only species very delicate skin so wouldnt handle much

P. laticauda - not really my forte, so someone else will help with that lol

If you need any more help just holla - grill me with anything crestie related lol

in regards to handling - there arent many species you could handle for that size exo like you did your beardies lol i handle my cresties every now and again about 5 - 10 mins a day maybe every two days

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