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Originally Posted by SammieJane View Post
mRoberts - what do you feed your cresties? Would you ever consider raising one purely on something like Repashy and fruit? Or do they need a consistent supply of insects? (My flatmate is a little squeamish about live food - we've agreed that it wouldn't be an issue as they'd be kept in my room but just another consideration.

Thanks for your suggestions everyone, I'll be looking into all your suggestions!
i feed my cresties repashys - i would never consider making my own food or feeding them anything else - you can never be able to put all the required nutrients and supplements into your own food mix.

Repashy is by far teh best gcd out there and includes everything they need to grow properly

I would also vary there diet and feed them live food be it crickets or locusts (small-medium) dusted with nutrobal

My feeding schedule - my cresties have repashys available to them 24/7 and i feed them a variety of live food every couple of days. I like to stimulate them and give them some variety and its good for there development

anything else let me know
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