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Originally Posted by LittlestarRed View Post
Aw little Asenka is gorgeous! Congrats!

As long as she's feeding at the correct size (as others have said prey size no more than 1 & 1/2 times her widest point) and seems healthy then there is nothing wrong with her size.

My Corn 'Nagini' is 21 months old and feeding fine on correct size prey, but she looks smaller than an average yearling! I was worried and took her to a vet as I was concerned. They told me that they all grow at different rates and not to worry as long as they are healthy.

Hope that is some reassurance to you.

Enjoy your lovely new snake!
Thank you

I was gonna call her Nagini but I googled some names first and decided on Asenka, lol

But yeah, feeling a lot more reassured now thanks to you all. Cheers for all the advice

RIP Severus and Kai :'(
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