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Smile Help with escape proofing my Komodo Snake starter viv!

Hi Guys

Justs quick question ??

Does any one have any idea's on how i can safely escape proof my new "komodo snake starter Viv" as i've just recently bought a hatchling snow corn and It's concently trying to escape which has lead me to taking out some of it toys from it's viv to rejuice the risk of it escaping but last night it scared me to see that my hatchling corn can balance on a air vent ledge that was waffer thin.

I've found some plastic clips/wedges that came with the starter kit that slot in to the clips on the tops of the viv that seems to lock the lid.

I've also used black tape on the stat wire above and below the hole in the lid the wire comes out of which has bunged the excess space up as there was at least a two/three inch gap where it got out of last time.

I tend to think it's a little to do with my confidence as it's my first snake and my first glass budget viv. I'm Confident in handling it and feeding it it's just the set up and the fact there extremely good escape artists. I've thought about creating a tub set up untill it's a little bigger but i've been told by the misses it's cruel to do that so i'm at a lost.

Any help would be great on this subject as i don't want my hatchling snow to end up as the cat or dogs lunch or going missing!
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