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thanks guys for your advice any more would be greatful as i'm really worried about the situation as like i say i don't want to the hatchling to become lunch from the cat or the dog, Get stomped on or go mising in the house etc.

About the tape i've made sure there is no way of my hatchling coming into contact with any of the sticky side promise as the the only stuff i've used is around the wire on the stat so it make the wire fatter so it's bungs the whole up and i smoothed the edges down so it can't stick to it but if need be i'll take your advice and take said tape off if you can come up with a way to safely block up the hole that would be great.

what's a faunarium ?? is it one of them viv's that looks like a Light box but has two clips lock on either side as i was thinking of buying one of them yesterday from a reptile shop in my local town has the owner said the there escape proof any advice on these faunarium would be great also. I must say snakes are more challeging then lizards and Spiders and i'm a little out of my comfort zone with it.
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