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i was told by the guy that sold me the damn set up at the reptile shop that i got it from that it was fine for hatchling as he breeds them snake and has had years of experience with corns,python etc and the set up should last me a good year or two.

But come to think about it my snow is extremely long for it age it's longer then the size of the viv when it's fully streached out. I's apperently 3months old according to it's feed records that came with it. It's yet to be feed by my self as it's still in the first week of being with me and i've just left it alone barring the escape acts it's attemped.

i don't think it will be long till i change my set up and flog this set up on to some one or keep it for a expencive hamster cage. as i'm strongly thinking of one of the flat wooden viv that look like a light box.
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