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Originally Posted by ReptiPunk View Post
i was told by the guy that sold me the damn set up at the reptile shop that i got it from that it was fine for hatchling as he breeds them snake and has had years of experience with corns,python etc and the set up should last me a good year or two.
I would personally never take advice from a reptile shop unless it was one with a good reputation or the advice matched what I'd already researched previously myself.

Depending on how your snake grows then I doubt it'll last that long, enclosures should have enough room to allow the snake to stretch out, soon as any of mine even start looking a little cramped then they get a bigger home, my corn is in a 50L rub just now and while she does have plenty of room I'm getting her a 64L rub soon so she has even more space & my MBK is getting my corns 50L rub.
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