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Hey just thought I would give you all an update took Phoenix to the vets today, he managed to get all the mites out of his eyes yey and gave me some frontline spray to spray on him twice a week, luckily the infestation wasn't too bad, just around the eyes, he is in a hospital viv at the moment which I'm cleaning out with soapy water. The vet said mites drown in water and the soap is just to help clean the viv, I spray it with a water bottle Phoenix senna so much happier now they are out of his eyes I'm so glad! I've been told to spray him twice a week with the frontline spray and I going to spray his viv with soapy water twice a week too and give Phoenix regular baths just to be sure for the next 6 weeks and ten hopefully the mites will be gone for good thankyou everyone for your help and advice and I hope this helps anyone else who has had a similar problem with their beardy, turns out they were snake mites too! Thanks x
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