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Thanks so much everyone, I bobbed over to pets at home (won't be buying from there, but the nearest place to me) and have my heart set on a Crested Gecko

mRoberts - I'm looking at substrates for the gecko tank - what would you recommend? I'd love something fairly easy to clean but still natural looking - do you know if repti cage carpet is any good? There seems to be a huge wealth of substrates (and combinations thereof!) and as I'm new to all of this (we just used sand for the beardies) I am utterly and thoroughly confused!

I've also read conflicting things about a crestie's need for UV - would you recommend a UV bulb or not? If i don't need one then I'd prefer not to buy one, but if it'll be in any way helpful then it'll be on my list. Also, would I be ok just buying either a heat mat or bulb or do they need both?

Thanks so much,
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