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Originally Posted by SammieJane View Post
Thanks so much everyone, I bobbed over to pets at home (won't be buying from there, but the nearest place to me) and have my heart set on a Crested Gecko

mRoberts - I'm looking at substrates for the gecko tank - what would you recommend? I'd love something fairly easy to clean but still natural looking - do you know if repti cage carpet is any good? There seems to be a huge wealth of substrates (and combinations thereof!) and as I'm new to all of this (we just used sand for the beardies) I am utterly and thoroughly confused!

I've also read conflicting things about a crestie's need for UV - would you recommend a UV bulb or not? If i don't need one then I'd prefer not to buy one, but if it'll be in any way helpful then it'll be on my list. Also, would I be ok just buying either a heat mat or bulb or do they need both?

Thanks so much,
Hey sammie,

I personally have a full natural/live setup lol i dont like artificial stuff haha

So i will give you my honest a personal preference re setup but of course everyone is different.

Substrate - I use eco earth coconut fibre. This is the best substrate for cresties apart from paper towel lol I have a filtration system in my exo so i have a deep layer of hydroballs followed by a layer of mesh followed by the eco earth on top.

Plants - i use two variety of plants first one is Ficus Benjamina and the second is a ficus but icant remember the name haha - you can get ficus from Squires garden centre or any good garden/plant centre - one thing i must stress though is there will be fertiliser on them an perlite which is poisonous to most reps - so wash the leaves with warm water and repot the plant removing most soil BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY THE LITTLE WHITE STONES WHICH IS THE PERLITE!

UVB - this is your choice many people argue you dont need it, i personally do use it. Ive noticed my cresties are more active and the colour on them is a lot richer with UVB than with friends that dont use UVB lol It helps with D3 production. the one thing you have to be careful with is not to over do it with the calcium ! If they have UVB dont dust your crickets with Nutrabol or dust them very lightly !! however if you dont use UVB make sure you dust your live food lol

Heat - I dont use any extra heat what so ever with my cresties - my bedroom is naturally very warm as the boiler/tank is in there its so loud and annoying haha anyway my room is naturally 22-25c so its eprfect for them. If you do need extra heat i would suggest a heat mat stuck to the side of the exo to give isolated heat rather than the bottom as it will dry out the substrate so humidty levels will fluctuate and it wont be any use as it will have to get through all those layers before it heats the exo lol

I hope all that helps !! lol I am currently in the process of writing a full complete R.ciliatus caresheet in the meantime if you need any inspiration check out my other post

and you can see my setups

Anything else let me know

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