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Originally Posted by solidsquid View Post
Jeffers: Oh man, that's a gorgeous rat snake you've got there, think I'll have to keep that in mind for my second one :p

Cloggers: That's interesting to hear about garter snakes being more nervy when young, I have heard they're more active so I guess it might make sense. I can see why the lack of feeding on royals would freak someone out though, not sure how well I'd cope with that if it was my first snake

Another thing with Garters is they like their water so if you go for a garter you'll need a viv large enough to have a largish water container I saw some recently in an semi aquatic set up and they were floating round on bits of wood using their tails as oars hilarious

I think you can also keep garters in small groups but don't quote me on that I'm no expert but I'm sure people on here could advise.
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