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Originally Posted by MrMemzi View Post
Hi all, im after my first snake. After being with Boa's. Royals. And other various 13-14ft burmese. Ive decided on the smaller royal. Ive already got experiance in keeping crested geckos and have successfully mated them. Im now after a royal python. But dont want no pet shop non looked after unwell snake. So just wondering if anyone in essex breeds or knows of breeders? Thanks
I do, and anybody that has bought from me can vouche for quality

What are you after?
1.0 Banana
1.0 Fire Mystic
1.1 Firefly
1.1 BumbleBee Mojave
1.0 Vanilla Cream
1.0 Enchi Lesser
0.1 Spinnerblast
0.1 Vanilla
0.1 Enchi
0.1 Lesser
0.2 Butter
0.1 Pastave
0.1 Bumblebee
0.1 Pied 66% Het albino
0.1 Pied (low white)
0.1 Ivory
1.1 Butter Pastel
1.0 Mojave
1.2 Pastel
1.2 Fire
0.1 Orange Ghost
0.2 Yellowbelly
1.1 Albino
1.3 Normal
0.1 100% Het Clown
1.0 100% DH Caramel Glow
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