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Default Beardie runny poo

So, my baby beardie (4 months) has been having diarrhea lately. It started about 2 days ago when his poo was a bit runny, but today it was pure water. It smelled as horrible as it usually does. Anyway, he had a fecal done about a month ago and it was clean.
He eats like a pig and grows steadily. I weight him every second day and he's been putting on weight. So there is no weight or appetite loss. He doesn't seem unwell. To be honest, he seems usual. He is alert and goes for a run from time to time. He eats crickets, locusts and dubias.
I'm not sure what could have cased that. If it doesn't stop by monday, I'll send his poo again. But as for now, I would really appreciate some advice/ideas. Thanks in advance.
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