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Question Leo gecko owners please help

iv just finished making my vivarium getting it all ready for my gecko which ill be getting at the end of the month.
Iv been doing a lot or research on leopard gecko's and about the vivarium set up's, any way im still struggling everything im reading im like ah yes I see... then I read something else and I just cant understand its been like it for the past few months haha. I cant understand how 1. the heat mat works do I need a mat stat for this? I just thought it goes on and I use the digital thermometer yea I think this is the only thing im struggling with the rest I have worked out whats what its generally the heat mat and should I get a red heat light and if so were does this go above the heat mat... iv been to a few reptile shops and when looking at the gecko viv not all of them have these mat stats? im just a little confused and its frustrating lol so please all help is very much appreciated thank you all xxx
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