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thank you so much I actually get it now lol I didn't no the thermostat had prob's this is what was confusing me I couldn't work out how it worked with the heat mat etc.. but I understand now once its all set up defo be a lot happier as right now all iv done is build the wooden viv just need to put my glass doors on and im hoping to get the heat mat and im gong to use lino flooring and get that down tomorrow then id be happier lol it is very unclear im new to the reptile world so really confused I don't no anyone that has leo's my partners friend has snakes and a tarantula and has had beardy dragon's but no gecko and I believe he is now getting a chameleon lol. you have help me so much very grateful a guy on here help with making my viv yesterday went out today got the stuff and that's almost finished so im really excited about getting it . this site is amazing!! very helpful thanks guys xx
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