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Originally Posted by beffffff View Post

We were thinking of getting a bearded dragon but after visiting the pet shop yesterday decided we just don't have enough room as they need more space than we can have.
So we need a new idea. We are on a narrowboat so places to home it are limited. Where we wanted to house it we only have 25cm depth and they don't seem to make vivariums/terariums with this dimension. So the next possibililty we have 45cm wide x 45cm deep (height not an issue).

Could you possibly recommend something that has some personality that is suitable for beginners and won't outgrow the room we have available.

Thanks in advance
Hi and

Take a look at crested geckos. Great little lizards, full of character and really nice to look at. A single one can live in a 45x45x60cm (LxDxH) glass exo terra tank. If you like the look and sound of them then take a trip over to the lizard section and they will be glad to advise on best equipment etc
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