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Snakes are pretty cheap to take care of, I mean it's only like 1 ish per week to feed a snake. And your parents would be paying the electricity bills.
Lots of people say get a 'beginner' snake, something easy to take care of like a corn snake for example (excellent pets by the way). But in reality its better to get something you like rather than buy an easy pet and get bored of it because its not what you really wanted.

Corn Snake: 3-6ft, 3x2x2 vivarium when adult, lots of pretty colours, readily available and cheap. Very active and like to spend time roaming around their vivarium, easy to handle except they can be a little skittish when babies, and most of them are like living dustbins when it comes to food. Usually pretty tame, and rarely bite, but if you get a biter, it doesn't hurt anyway

I'm 15 too, and my name is Florence. Are you my secret clone?
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