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Originally Posted by tomcannon View Post
It can point towards parasites but usually (especially as he's been checked) is down to diet, usually veg/fruit in particular. What fruit do you offer? and how refularly? The tip is usually to remove a veg one at a time from his diet until you pinpoint the one causing the issue, however this may not be the case seeing as you say he doesn't eat it! Is there any changes to his diet at all? Has he always had the livefood you offer or has 1 been introduced recently? Maybe a more detailed explanation of his daily diet will help.

He could just be extremely hydrated I guess, I don't know what else to think other than diet or parasites. No help really am I!
I leave spring greens daily and sometimes apples, carrots, grapes. But as I said, never seen him eating any of it. I tried mixing worms in, adding baby food - nothing gets him to eat his salad.
He's always been eating livefood. He eats about 30 bugs a day, i would say. Crix in the morning, locusts in the afternoon plus I usually leave either dubias or calciworms in a wee tub for him. I usually give him a silkworm a day, but not since this watery poo business started.
I had a new batch of locusts though.. uhm a couple of days before it started. But my baby veiled eats the same locusts, and he's been fine.

His poo is looking better today, it's not fully solid though. And it's been quite a lot of water coming out with it recently.

He keeps putting on weight nonetheless.

Originally Posted by vgorst View Post
Do you bathe him?

Also more details of the faecal test could help - if it was done at a vets I would ask what they actually tested for. Also how many poo samples did you collect? Usually you pool 3 consecutive faecal samples as many parasites shed intermittently, so you get false negatives and sometimes false positives.
Yeah I bath him once a week, He absolutely hates it though. And that liquid poo business started since the last bath.
I didn't ask what they tested for, but I suppose coccidia and pinworms. I think I'll send another fecal on Monday just in case
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