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Default Ceramic heat lamp

Hi guys im in the final stages of setting up my ijj carpet viv and come across something i previously overlooked!
I have a dimmer stat and a 100w bulb for my new arrival in a 4/2/2 wood viv. But being me and not thinking I didn't think about the night time temps and have been advised to get a ceramic bulb so I can maintain my temps over night. Can I use a ceramic with a dimmer stat? I've read that people use pulse stats with them so im abit unsure Or would it be easier for me to get a red bulb? Do 100w red bulbs heat the same as a normal one?

Sorry if these are utterly stupid questions but I keep royals in a rack with heat mats/mat stats and am a total newb to bulbs!

Thanks for reading and any and all advice welcome!


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