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Originally Posted by Python dan View Post
Hi guys im in the final stages of setting up my ijj carpet viv and come across something i previously overlooked!
I have a dimmer stat and a 100w bulb for my new arrival in a 4/2/2 wood viv. But being me and not thinking I didn't think about the night time temps and have been advised to get a ceramic bulb so I can maintain my temps over night. Can I use a ceramic with a dimmer stat? I've read that people use pulse stats with them so im abit unsure Or would it be easier for me to get a red bulb? Do 100w red bulbs heat the same as a normal one?

Sorry if these are utterly stupid questions but I keep royals in a rack with heat mats/mat stats and am a total newb to bulbs!

Thanks for reading and any and all advice welcome!


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Hi dan

Personally I wouldn't bother with the night time drop, I don't with my carpet unless your trying to breed then I have no idea if dropping temps will help.

I don't see why you couldn't use a ceramic with a dimmer but I've never tried it so couldn't advise, I use a ceramic with a pulse stat.
When you say do red bulbs 'heat the same as a normal one?' If your referring to a normal bulb then yes they do they just don't give off as much light, imagine a dull red torch.

No such thing as stupid questions just stupid people I'm kidding they are not stupid questions.
Also welcome to the carpet python owners club also post some pics up in the snake pictures section when you get a minute, there are guides how to upload photos in the newbie section, also may be worth searching for the carpet python threads also to have a little look at what others have etc

Good luck and hope he/ she settles in quickly

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