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Originally Posted by Python dan View Post
Lolz I agree, just stupid people! Me being a prime example :p I'm picking her up on Tuesday she's a Iran jaya jag. I've also got a female hoggie a male bumble bee royal, female and male wild type royals. Just fancied something a but more lively and less of a house brick this time haha. Ill probably take some pictures Wednesday and get them on in the evenin

It wasn't so much the night time drop I was worried about, it was the fact of leaving a light on all night to maintain the temps and not providing a 12/12 light cycle. A lot of cp owners are using ceramics from what i read and they give off no light. But as a cheap solution for now could I use a red bulb of the same wattage to achieve the same temps?

Thanks for taking the time to reply

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Yea that would work mate or you could just use the red spot bulb and get some led lighting?
It's only about 15 from a guy on here does some good stuff so people have said 'reptiles-ink' search that in the advanced search its his username and just scroll through a couple of threads.
I'd use them if I didn't use UVB, I have a Bredli Jungle Jaguar so I'm using the UV to help bring the Bredli colours through

Yea you will definitely see them do more than sit in the same position all day and night

Also they have a very strong feeding response none of this royal fussiness

Personally if I was you what I would do is get the LEDs and get a ceramic on your dimming stat if it works like 'stevier' has mentioned, then you don't have to worry about red tinges to all your photos as you don't have a red spot bulb

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