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Originally Posted by Breakspear View Post
Yea that would work mate or you could just use the red spot bulb and get some led lighting?
It's only about 15 from a guy on here does some good stuff so people have said 'reptiles-ink' search that in the advanced search its his username and just scroll through a couple of threads.
I'd use them if I didn't use UVB, I have a Bredli Jungle Jaguar so I'm using the UV to help bring the Bredli colours through

Yea you will definitely see them do more than sit in the same position all day and night

Also they have a very strong feeding response none of this royal fussiness

Personally if I was you what I would do is get the LEDs and get a ceramic on your dimming stat if it works like 'stevier' has mentioned, then you don't have to worry about red tinges to all your photos as you don't have a red spot bulb

I ordered a 100w ceramic this morning so hopefully the dimmer works well with it. I have a UVB tube also since the viv is second hand and used to house beardies. I was thinking about binning the UVB and popping some LEDs in but I dunno yet. What substrate do you use?

I'm glad to hear that they don't just lay there and have a good feeding response! My royals get abit lively at night but as there in a rack you can't see them much. There nice and alert once out but like you said can be fussy when being fed! Lucky for me I have 3 so the picky one goes first and if he shows no interest one of the others gets a double helping annoyingly my hoggie can be fussy aswell! Do you have any other reptiles?


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