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Originally Posted by Python dan View Post
I ordered a 100w ceramic this morning so hopefully the dimmer works well with it. I have a UVB tube also since the viv is second hand and used to house beardies. I was thinking about binning the UVB and popping some LEDs in but I dunno yet. What substrate do you use?

I'm glad to hear that they don't just lay there and have a good feeding response! My royals get abit lively at night but as there in a rack you can't see them much. There nice and alert once out but like you said can be fussy when being fed! Lucky for me I have 3 so the picky one goes first and if he shows no interest one of the others gets a double helping annoyingly my hoggie can be fussy aswell! Do you have any other reptiles?


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I expect the dimmer will be fine it will work in a similar way to a bulb just without the light bit
If your thinking about getting UVB not telling you to suck eggs just remember most people's opinions is snakes don't need them as they get everything they need from mice/rats (don't know about chicks though), but regardless of that I needed a light source and its supposed to help the colours of your snake come through as I've said along with the benefits to UVB like they'd get in the wild (my opinion anyway ).

I use auboise as its cheap (I got 20kg for 16.50 I think delivered) it looks like aspen but it doesn't come from rep shops it's horse bedding so less to no chance of mites eggs in the substrate.
Also don't like the look of newspaper or paper towel personally but each to their own.

Don't get me wrong my carpet python is not diurnal but he is always on display, and he doesn't seem bothered by me getting him out regardless of the time, he is more active at night, he likes a good swim but when I put him back in his RUB (it's a customised RUB not one that gets racked) he will be active for a good 20minutes before settling somewhere.
He has a fantastic temperament though and loves climbing

I like your thinking yea that's exactly how I'd play it if I had more than one snake and I had fussy feeders but unfortunately I only have one at the minute still working on the wife
I dread to think how many handbags and shoes it'd cost me to get another carpet


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